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This is an update, repeat, an update. [Jul. 23rd, 2004|06:34 pm]
Kha's Entries
Yesterday i bought CTR mirrors. Real power fold. Great isnt it?
Car still looks like a POS.

I love how summer school works... 4 weeks that takes out a regular 3 months. If i could, id take a break from school year round and take a shitload of summer classes. But then again i will probably not do that, because i am a lamer.
I dont know my intended major. Im taking a lot of math and chemistry classes, yet i havent decided on a career. I have a total of 48 semester units as of today, and im enrolled in 14 more for the fall. On the first of next month, my applications will be sent out to CSUF and CSULB for enrollment in January of next year. UCI wasnt taking in applications... :*( (eh screw them neways i prolly wouldnt have made it in lol)

Live and Love:
Im in love with 3 people whose names start with a J. I am not going to release the information on what their names are.. Except for John. ;). About the other two, ok i lied. Its not love, and... wait i dont even know what the hell it is. 1 is hella sketchy and the other is hella skanky. =x=x=x=x=x. Damn you rumor spreadin LJ lurkers~! i better not hear something about this tommorow. Ok shes not skanky, but shes too hott and i dont think i can handle the fact she has 10 guys waiting around the corner. I hope noone reads this... damnit. Maybe i shouldnt have posted it. O well too late now.


wait... that is flawed.

[User Picture]From: imblue5
2004-07-25 11:14 am (UTC)
YOU!!! *points. !
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